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About Clean Slate | Experience, Proven and Trusted | Remediation Contractor

About Clean Slate

Gary Fairbank, the owner of Fairhaven Environmental & Clean Slate, has been a contractor for more than 25 years beginning in 1993 with lead paint and asbestos removal services. Fairhaven was the very first mold/indoor air quality professional contractor on the mid-shore of Maryland.

Gary experienced one of his best friends passing away from MRSA, and knowing lead paint has been banned a hundred year earlier in parts of Europe, he wondered what they were doing differently. After reading a newspaper article comparing medical infection rates between the United State and Europe, he found that Americans had a medical infection rate 100 times higher than our Northern European counterparts.

In addition, Gary lost his father and sister in 2017 by exposure to environmental hazards. He hopes that no other person nor family should experience loss through something that can be prevented.

  • We are constantly called to resolve complicated work others are unwilling or unable to perform.
  • We are an industry leader in new and innovation abatement techniques
  • Proven Results through years of field experience
  • EPA & OSHA WAZHOPER Registered
  • 23 Years of Experience


Over 25 years of industry experience performing abatement and remediation jobs.


We utilize techniques proven in efficiency and effectiveness to deliver the best possible quality to each and every customer.


We treat every home as if it were our own giving customers peace of mind that they are living in a clean and healthy environment.


Years of Industry Experience

Completed Projects and Abatements.

Trusted, Proven and Experienced Company


Our goal is to provide the best possible service to each and every customer so they can live inside a clean and healthy home. We have experienced the devastation that harmful materials and chemicals can have on a family. We believe no one should have to experience that when the tools and technology is available to turn any home into a clean and healthy living environment.


  • How much does it cost?

    Pricing starts at $2.40 per square foot. Abandoned homes or homes with more issues may see an increase in cost.

  • Why is Clean Slate so effective?

    The Main disinfectant in the Clean Slate Process is electro-statically charged ionic silver and H²0². This System has been used in European medical settings for over 30 years, where MRSA and C-DIF infection rates are 100 times less than the USA. 

  • How long does a Clean Slate Program take?

    All people, pets and plants must be removed from fogging areas for 4 hrs. Home may be occupied during/accessed during standard work i.e. first work day; no egress or access during 4hr. fogging on the second day. 

  • What is so bad about asbestos?

    99% of all asbestos fibers that your inhale go directly to your lung lining and never detach.

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