Keep your kids and dogs healthy

Our Clean Slate 12-Step Program is unlike any other remediation program on the market today. We use cutting-edge technology and proven techniques that can turn any home new again. Making it safe for your family and loving ones.

These techniques and procedures are proven effective and have been utilized in Northern Europe for decades. As an industry professional with 25 years of experience, Clean Slate has the knowledge and expertise to make even the oldest home smell and feel new again.

12 Steps to a Healthier Home!!!

Step One

Establish HEPA negative air with scrub/circulation feature in the home. The first hour will be evacuated with air pressure differential of minimum > .06 water column draw as per on-site monometer.

Step Two

Under negative pressure carefully remove HVAC grates and vents using razor knives when necessary to cut paint bead. Grates to be placed in provided tub after being HEPA vacuumed and cleaned in disinfectant liquid to no visible residue. After drying both sides will be coated with clear anti-fungal before being re-installed.

Step Three

While register are being cleaned associated flex ducts or ducting system will be cleaned with contact system in conjunction with HEPA negative air evaluation. 

Step Four

All ducting will then receive an application spray with a clear coat of anti-fungal encapsulate. 

Step Five

Dryer vent hose disconnected at dryer and backs of dryer and washer cleaned. Vent hose cleaned with negative air contrast system then coated with clear mildicidal encapsulate.  

Step Six

Bathroom fans disinfected and cleaned or replaced depending on filter type.

Step Seven

Remove old HVAC system filter and clean or replace depending on filter type. 

Step Eight

 Interior windows cleaned and window wells and sills HEPA vacuumed, disinfected and coated with clear water-based polyurethane with mildicide if needed. This prevents water/mold intrusion and or lead paint dust.  

Step Nine

Entire home HEPA vacuumed while still under negative air pressure using Commercial Grade True HEPA 99.9% efficiency.

Step Ten

All walls, ceilings and floors manually wiped down with active disinfectant. An Owner can recommend one of our available cleaning solutions evaluate for allergies or sensitivities.  

Step Eleven

Will provide moisture tests (up to ten) throughout work areas. A map with results will be furnished to Owner/ Competent Person. A commercial dehumidifier will be available free of charge during work along with air movers to expedited drying if necessary. 

Step Twelve

Final step is usually accomplished on second day of work and requires the absence of people, pets and plants for 4 hours. Entire house is disinfected with all doors and windows open. HVAC unit will be activated at fan level to further clean and disinfect system. Droplet dispersion at less than .15microns for dry fogging eliminates moisture intrusion. The patent pending Fairhaven HP System delivers the fogging agent disinfectant of electro-statically charged ionic silver and H²0². 

The Main disinfectant in the Clean Slate Process is electro-statically charged ionic silver and H²0². This System has been used in European medical settings for over 30 years, where MRSA and C-DIF infection rates are 100 times less than the USA. 

All people, pets and plants must be removed from fogging areas for 4 hrs. Home may be occupied during/accessed during standard work i.e. first work day; no egress or access during 4hr. fogging on the second day. 

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