Asbestos Abatement

Fairhaven Environmental, now Clean Slate, have been a likened asbestos contractor in Maryland since 1994. In this time period, almost every situation imaginable has been tackled and successfully completed.

Asbestos is broken down into several categories with Friable and Non-Friable being the distinct dividing line.

                Friable – Thermal System Insulation (TSI) and applied surfacing material. These substances can be easily broken by hand pressure.

                Non-Friable – Can’t be easily broken with hand pressure. Common examples include floor tiles, exterior siding/shingles, Tile Mastic and Cement Board.

The distinction from friable and non-friable dictates everything about the scope of work. Including project setup, de con areas, respirator protocol, disposal and engineering controls. Further the amount of asbestos containing material abated triggers Maryland Department of the Environment and Environmental Protection Agency protocols on signage and prior work notifications.

Fairhaven Environmental can handle all the MDE/EPA requirements for projects along with proper disposal and documentation.

Any job, large or small it is very important to trust your abatement project to a licensed professional.

A few facts about Asbestos

99% of all asbestos fibers that your inhale go directly to your lung lining and never detach.

The acid resistance characteristics of asbestos causes trouble with white blood cells developing a form of acid to kill foreign bodies in your lungs making absorption of oxygen much more difficult.

Asbestos exposure has a catalytic effect on the lungs of smokers with risks of lung cancer 50 to 90 times greater then non-smokers.

There are no safe levels of asbestos exposure

Canada is one of the world’s largest miners of asbestos

Concentrations of pipe insulation are usually 15% to 30% by weight

Hand packed joints and elbows can have concentrations of 95% and a far more lethal as there is not any exterior binding

Asbestos was banned on the same day the Environmental Protection Agency was formed April 20, 1977